• New Product! Water Watch Dog


    Introducing the Water Watch Dog. New Product!  This Dog Decoy appears as if it is swimming in the water and discourages birds from landing in the water. 

    Great for: 

    • Pools
    • Ponds
    • Sloughs
    • Water around docks

    Effectively deters:

    • Geese
    • Ducks
    • Swans
    • Crows
    • Flamingos
    • Peacocks
    • Coot
    • Black birds

    The Water Watch Dog measures 19" x 12".  Included: Swimming Dog profile, floating shoulder foam, anchor bag, 10' of twine, and instruction sheet. Product comes partially assembled.  Not Included: fill for anchor bag.  Use sand, rocks, or other heavy object to keep the Water Watch Dog in place.