Our home is in the middle of 10 acres which is roughly 60% forested with an acre of professionally done landscaping surrounding our home. We typically saw deer crossing the property almost daily along with an occasional coyote. At night or when we were not home the deer would often wander into the landscaped areas and destroy flower beds or damage bushes and arborvitae trees. For years we tried to discourage the deer using various spray on repellents which are quite expensive, smelled terrible and were only effective for a few days. We came across the dog decoys while on vacation last summer and decided to give them a try. We purchased 3 decoys and, following the directions, placed them around just the outside of our landscaped area spread far enough apart so that only one decoy could be seen from nearly all locations and changed their location every 4 to 6 days. The deer and coyotes disappeared! I still hear an occasional deer "snort" or stamping off in the woods but we have had no damage to our landscaping since we started using the dog decoys 6 months ago.
Bruce W.

Welcome to Spring! We purchased a three pack of dogs a year ago and are very happy with them. In fact, if you had a sales commission plan going we’d be star salesmen! They certainly kept the geese off the field last Spring, Fall and this Spring.

Our application is at the local Legion baseball field. It is a very desirable location for the geese –sheltered and wonderful grass. We always had lots of goose poop to cleanup every Spring.

We had several people who were very skeptical that the dogs really worked. Convincing was easy...just hang around and watch. A group of geese would fly over in low formation, bend their necks down to look at the dogs, perhaps take another pass or two repeating the inspection for danger, and then fly off. Seemed like there was always a group flying over to give a demonstration.

The volunteers who had to rake and shovel goose poop are very happy. We’d easily fill a 32 gallon garbage can or two. Thanks again for a wonderful time saving product! We’re looking forward to another season of HS baseball, Legion baseball and Fall ball.
We are the “Official Practice Field of the NCAA Division III Baseball Championship” too (since 2005).

We had an ugly 4' plastic fence alongside our water edge of 150' for the past year to keep the geese from jumping out of the water onto our lawn. I was hesitant to get a fake dog as people told me the geese learn that it is such and will come back. However, I decided I had to give it a try and the dog silhouette has worked 100 percent. In anticipation of the snow and very high tides, I took it down, and within 30-45 minutes the geese had jumped up onto my dock.I suppose the geese learned that the moving dog silhouette was "a dog after all". It has only been 4 days since I immediately put it back, but I'm certain the dog silhouette will again keep the messy geese away. Now my hardest part is name my "new dog"!!!!!
Steve Brice

Amazing product! We built a new home on 8 acres with a pond and was inundated with geese everywhere. They especially liked our new grass seed. We put the amber light out at night which worked but they returned every day. I purchased your product and have not seen a goose since putting up the watch dogs! We have had several very funny calls from neighbors, but trust me they have been amazing!

Thank you.
Debbie Scofield

Just a quick note to say that we love your product….we have nicknamed our watch dog Rufus, and to date he has by far been the most effective tool in keeping the geese off of our dock. You can actually see the apprehension in the geese’s eyes as they swim by the dock, spot Rufus, and decide not to hop up to drop their unwanted poop.

Thanks Again
The Blakely Family
Lake Sammamish, WA

The watch dog with the scented disk is a miracle for people with a swimming pool who have regular mallard duck visitors. We had tried many other ideas to keep the ducks from swimming in the pool and depositing their goodies but nothing had worked until we tried the Watch Dog. Our neighbors have commented that they see the ducks come to land in the pool and then divert their flight pattern to avoid the watch dog!! It is truly amazing - a summer without duck droppings!!
Gail and George Fremder

"Hi there. I ordered your silhouette dog for goose patrol in April of this year.
I HAVE NOT SEEN ONE GOOSE on our lawn since the day I put up my dog silhouette!!
I love it. I have just one problem, I noticed that the spring is rusting already, (we live near the ocean) I did spray wd40 on it and hope that helps but I need to know that "if" it does rust and break, can I buy just the spring? My dog seems to be holding up very well, other than a few birds that have 'gone poop' on it. But the spring looks like it may not hold up maybe another summer...
Anyway, I just love it and your idea was great. Its just what I was looking for. I ordered a scarecrow sprayer last summer and that didn't work, but my dog "silly" as we call him, scares the heck out of the geese!!"
Signed, A happy Customer, Joanne

Our response to Joanne: 'Thank you for your email. I apologize for the rust you are seeing on the spring. Sometimes a spring doesn't get coated completely with our rust-proof solution and will rust quicker than normal. I will send out a replacement spring at no cost to you so just in case the current one breaks, you'll have a back up.'
Watch Dog Goose Patrol